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hotels, resorts and divingcenters in the Philippine Islands. Provided that you own or managen a hotel, resort or divingcenter in the Philippine Islands, you receive a free space for one photograph and the description of those on this home page.
This home page is not to become a big hyperlink list, but a large database, similarly a travel catalog or guide. Here receive the traveller and diver a lot of stimulation, facts and information for his trip in the Philippines.

Your resort or divingcenter do not need therefore a hompage.

We offer therewith all resorts and divingcenters without a homepage the possibility, to present those in the world wide web. Provided that you have a homepage, is too a corresponding hyperlink included your entry. A high professionally trafic is achieved by the programming with the specific software, this software make a optimized HTML-code for search engines. Your online present (with or without any hompage) becomes essential profit because of your entry by divecrew.de .

The basic entry of hotels, Resorts and divingcenters with location in the Philippines are free, so that everyone, independently of his financial means, can present itself. The travelers and divers has a high profit of these website, because of many free facts and informations about the Philippine Islands. This facts and informations you can get currently only, if to buy a travel guide like 'Lonely planet' or a similar book.

The websites which included the informations about the resorts and divingcenters be to created by a special software. Currently the delivery of this special software is delayed. An completely online registration is now unfortunately not possible. If you enter yourself now into following registration-form and send it, you receive a email if the completely online registration is available.

I M P O R T A N T ! ! !

Only hotels , resorts and divingcenters with location in the Philippines can be register. Because of that, no register are accepted by travel agencies, travel organizers, agents, ect., which only mediated the offered hotels, resorts and divingcenters.
However everybody have the possibility of appearing with advertisement on this homepage.

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